Adopting – Training – Showing Your French Bulldog

Posted by Robert Brown on May 09, 2017
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Adopting – Training – Showing Your French Bulldog

Adopting your French Bulldog Puppy

Our Commitment

We have been breeding for 30 years and have spent a lot of time and considerable effort to become a reputable French Bulldog Breeder. A good Breeder will have a nice facility. We raise our French Bulldogs in our home, under our feet and under our bedcovers – they are members of our family until they become a member of your family. We want to maintain a lifelong relationship with the puppy you adopt. We will always be available where the welfare of your puppy is concerned. And we would love to continually hear from you – pictures are always treasured.

We take extra care to ensure the French Bulldog puppy’s good health. And we also take extra care to ensure that the puppy is placed into a loving, caring home. We discourage the use of tobacco products in the prospective home.

If you don’t mind, please take the time to sign our guestbook and leave your comments.


Training your Puppy

Soft Temperament

French Bulldog puppies are intelligent little dogs. They can give you a look of innocent love and adoration that tempts you to abandon any thoughts of discipline. Veteran dog owners are amazed by the “power” that these little Frenchies possess. They can be tough looking on the outside but oh so soft and lovable. They are smart but sometimes stubborn when it suits them. They can take forever to shuffle off to the water bowl when they feel lazy. But French Bulldogs are more athletic than they might appear to be so you cannot let them over-exercise.


Start Training Early

When French Bulldog puppies become part of your family, you need to be able to trust them with everything in your home, especially your children. Managing your puppy’s behavior through proper training is crucial to having a peaceful relationship with your pet as they mature into a wonderful companion. If your French Bulldog puppy is not trained properly, they won’t know that chewing on the old tennis shoe that you gave them is acceptable, while chewing on your prized possessions is not. They must be taught appropriate behavior in a calm and gentle manner. You must start training your puppy about how to behave as soon as you bring it home. From the outset, they must learn how to behave around people and other animals.


The Pack Mentality

In the wild, canines live and hunt in packs. In your French Bulldog puppy’s eyes, all the members of your family are fellow pack members. This is important because in every pack there are hierarchical power relationships between members. If your puppy has no dominant or “alpha” leader in their human “pack” they might learn that they can jump up on the couch whenever they want, drag you down the street on the leash and get treats whenever they beg for them. They might eventually decide they are running the show.

Puppies that are not properly trained might start to test their boundaries and limitations as they mature – just like most teenagers. They could start ignoring your commands or begin jumping when and where they are not supposed to. They have an instinct to protect their food or “territory” with growls and snarls – this has to be overcome. In some extreme cases, they may even start to bite.


Physical Force?

It is essential that you establish your position as the pack leader from the beginning in order to have a peaceful relationship with your French Bulldog. Do not resort to physical force! Some trainers recommend that owners establish their dominance through physical force but this is not necessary with a French Bulldog. Use of force can leave them feeling threatened, frightened and defensive. Don’t raise your voice – shouting makes these dogs nervous. French Bulldogs have “soft” personalities – they don’t like confrontation or violent use of force. A calm, purposeful demeanor is the best way to get your puppy to respond in a positive manner.


French Bulldog are Bulldogs

And like all Bulldogs, sometimes they can be frustrating to train. You have to be persistent but not overbearing when they are being housebroken. Eventually they will learn what is acceptable but not if you are harsh. They usually won’t bother with “stupid pet tricks’ but not because they aren’t capable. Just the opposite – for example, some French Bulldog will love to play with the ball and others could care less. They will choose what they like to do. But there has never been a Frenchie who doesn’t want to sit on your lap or cuddle in bed.


Gain Respect

French Bulldog puppies are content to submit to a pack leader. They will gain confidence and a sense of security from having someone to respect and follow. It is important for you, as a good pack leader, to project a sense of strength by reacting calmly to situations that make a puppy nervous. It’s also a good idea to give rewards for good behavior. If you ask your puppy to take a submissive position at your command, it will reinforce your position of dominance.


Early Bonding

It is important to properly socialize French Bulldogs from the outset. Puppies, like all babies, absorb all kinds of information about their environment. They will quickly learn the best places to laze about in the sun. They will learn from the rattling of the food dish means that it is meal time. It is your job as the owner to show them how to bond with people and with other animals. They still have deeply rooted instincts in their psyche. For example, squirrels and other rodents will drive them into a frenzy. When your puppy is calmly and routinely introduced to strangers and other animals, it will become less likely that your puppy will act defensively and become fearful. Defensive behaviour can be misinterpreted as aggression in dogs.


Gentle Leadership

The new French Bulldog puppy should start to be socialized around three to four weeks of age which is usually before most people bring their new puppy home. Responsible French Bulldog breeders make sure that their puppies are introduced into the pack from a young age, albeit under the watchful gaze of their mother until they are weaned. It is important that the puppy bonds with you and your family at the outset. The best way to reinforce the bond is to groom regularly, exercise often, and talk frequently to your puppy. Give your puppy lots of love. Show that you can be depended upon for affection, food, and gentle leadership.


Hello World

Your little French Bulldog puppy can be introduced to the big wide world when they feel safe with you and have had all the prescribed shots. Good places to start with are the local park, a friend’s house, or dog-friendly stores. You must ensure that the puppy has plenty of chances to meet kind and caring people and has opportunities to play with other well-socialized dogs. Trips to the veterinarian should be fun. Puppies should be introduced to other children in a well-supervised environment. Show those children how to speak calmly while gently petting the puppy.


Scary Situations

If your French Bulldog puppy starts to act nervous in a new situation or begins to bristle at another dog, don’t discipline! As mentioned, raising your voice will only heighten the tension. But don’t comfort the puppy either! If you comfort the puppy when they are scared or aggressive, it will only reinforce negative behavior. Try to provide a distraction – throw a ball or a chew toy, or start playing a favorite game. As your puppy becomes involved in the game or distraction, it will start ignoring the people or the other dog. As the puppy matures, there will be fewer and fewer scary situations.


We breed happy, healthy French Bulldog puppies for companions or the Show Ring.

We started breeding French Bulldogs in 2003 with “Gracie” – she soon showed us why French Bulldogs are such a unique breed. She had numerous encounters with “Spence” our male Siamese cat who would whack her on the head before she could even move. But that would not deter Gracie and they went on to become great friends.

Gracie loved navigating the deep snowbanks in the Winter and spending hours sunning herself on the dock. When the marauding deer trespassed on “her property” she became our guardian against the barbarians at the gate. She also showed us how intelligent a little Frenchie can be. They don’t do “stupid pet tricks” on command but they have a level of intuition that is nothing short of amazing.

Gracie needed a friend so we got Bruno. He is happiest, most easy going male Frenchie ever. They went on to become the greatest of friends. Bruno conducts an ongoing war with the squirrels. He has succeeded in proving that he is the world’s worst squirrel hunter but he is never daunted.

Gracie gave us three daughters: Connie, Georgia and Claire who went on to become a CKC Canadian Champion. All these Frenchies brought their unique personalities and stole our hearts. Whenever trouble is brewing you can be sure that Connie is in the middle of it but she is the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Claire has exceptional agility and will play forever until you are tired. She taught all the other Frenchies how to fetch the ball.

Nealy came later and showed us how well a Frenchie can read our thoughts and console us when we feel down. No other breed can read us so well. Nealy is the Queen of “keep away” – nobody can get the ball from Nealy.

These were our early years with the Frenchies. It is small wonder why we say that “10 minutes with a Frenchie will steal your heart.” They are unlike any other breed.

What do you know about French bulldogs?

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016
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French bulldogs are compact, stout and sturdy dogs with a square shaped head. They have a broad muzzle and flat nose with round shaped eyes and a clownish smile on their face. The ears are bat shaped and erect, which makes them ready and active to learn new things. French bulldogs are perfect for petting and would love doing tricky things.what-do-you-know-about-french-bulldogs They are not too big or small to handle. If you are willing to adopt Frenchies, you need to know the basic information about them. It is always good to get the whole information before bringing the new pet home. These creatures are not too big to handle but they require exclusive care because they are not too hard like other variations of bulldogs.

You need to know about these integral things mentioned about French bulldogs, which will make you know that they are best for you or not.

  • French bulldogs are not too difficult to care for. These are best companions and playful creatures having a lot of affection for their masters. If you want to get an active and joyous companion in your house, then this breed is the best for you. They will keep you engaged and never let you get any lonely feeling.
  • Frenchies have clownish appearance and people love them for their happy facial structure. They have joyful nature and intelligent minds. Most owners of French bulldogs will love to have them around as they give a happy feel to their family members. This breed is highly entertaining and love to have people around them.
  • French bulldogs are attention seekers and can get aggressive with ignorance. If you need to own this breed of dog, make sure that you give at least a few hours daily to the pet. They love to play around and have fun with the family members. It is the best pet for the people living alone as you can cuddle them in your bed. Make sure that the dogs are clean enough and can play with you with ease. French bulldogs are very affectionate and you’ll love their adoring nature.
  • These dogs can easily sense if their owners are being passive. If you are dull, bored or down, these dogs can distract you from your sadness. Don’t be annoyed when they come to you as it is the way of showing love and affection by these small creatures. You might want to spend time with them and get rid of all the stresses borne by jobs or personal life. They might behave rude if you are not cuddling them or taking care of their attitude.
  • French bulldogs are not too messy. They don’t get into puddles, mud and dirty places. If you are taking them out of the house or at backyard, they won’t get too much dirty. They seek for dry places to play. This is the reason for them to stay inside the house and enjoy by being in the company of house owners.
  • These dogs are very much prone to joint and eye related troubles. You should immediately bring them to the vet in case of any such issues. They can recommend medications to cure the dog from such issues. French bulldogs are sensitive and can get sick if proper care is not taken for their health. They also get respiratory issues and many other health problems, which need serious consideration.
  • Snoring is very common for French bulldogs and if you have an issue with this problem, it would be better to skip bringing them home. The dogs have small noses and broad face due to which they have the habit of snoring.
  • Dogs like Frenchies are perfect for small houses and apartments. You need to keep clean environment and neat homes for keeping these dogs. They don’t like messy surroundings and it would be necessary to keep your home tidy to keep these dogs active.
  • Bathing these dogs once in a week is sufficient. You can groom them and keep them in a good condition for their better health.
  • French bulldogs can’t bear too much heat. They should be kept inside the home in appropriate temperature conditions. Too much temperature will lead to health problems for them and even affect their mental state. These dogs are very sensitive and adopting one would keep you engaged with training and taking care of them.

French bulldogs are very lovable creatures and there are many places on which these dogs are available for adoption. You need to know more about these pets before making the choice for adoption. The nearest pet store can give you an idea about the things you need to know about these pets. French bulldogs are cute creatures and require all your love to keep activeness in mind and body.

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Training French Bulldogs

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016
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French bulldogs are the lovely creatures having an affectionate nature and sharp minds. They are great companion dogs and you’ll love their company. They can do well in small houses, condos and apartments where there is not too much space available. If you have purchased the dog or adopted it, training would be mandatory for them. It doesn’t matter if the dog is big or small, training them should be a part of your activity. French bulldog’s behavior should be good enough for the people living in the house or the guests arriving from time to time. After all, etiquettes do matter for pets as they are a part of your family. Read more

Before beginning with obedience training, you need to keep a few things in mind for the Frenchies. These are too tiny in the beginning that usage of physical contact or rough handling can be dangerous for them. In fact, it should never be done with any delicate breed. Not only it will make you away from you, it might hamper them physically. Small sized dogs are more fragile and usage of positive reinforcement in necessary to keep them happy. You can initiate them with the easy commanding and after giving them commands, make them understand it. Dogs are very intelligent and will comprehend to your suggestions very easily.


The dog should understand the usage of words like stop, no, yes, go etc. If the dog is having trouble in concentration, give him some pennies of food items as the ways of appreciation. The puppies should not be over trained and only 15 minutes a day are sufficient to teach them various techniques. Rewarding and appreciating your dog will always be beneficial for their training schedules. The usage of some necessary expressions will make the dogs understand the important training activities. Communicate clearly and motivate for positive behavior to make your dogs aware of the training modules.

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Three issues to consider for French bulldog breeding

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016
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French bulldog breeding is a matter of interest for many veterinary doctors as well as dog breeders. These dogs are not in too much population in the whole world. The breed has many inherent issues with it and there is a lot to know for the owners before making the right choice. Breeding French bulldogs is not an easy task. It involves a lot of commitment and you need to consider a few key factors in this process. Click here to read more info about french bull dogs.

Three key issues for ensuring the smooth breeding experience of French bulldog:

  • Breeding Reasons

Financial benefits are of course the biggest benefits for breeding the French bulldog, but it shouldn’t be your only reason for breeding the dog. It is not wise to breed the dog just for money and it is essential to truly love the breed and think about excelling their population. French bulldogs are not so commonly found in the world and your experience for breeding them will become very positive if you think about this thing in mind.

Female french bulldog puppy playing at the beach

  • Purity of Breed

There are not too many French Bulldogs and hence, the lineage and purity of breed is important. The complications to choose the bloodline of dogs should be considered with care and the positive traits should be promoted through a well managed French bulldog breeding. The show quality dogs need to be perfect in all the physical aspects; otherwise, these are classified as pet quality. The pet dogs are neutered and spayed before selling them as pets.

  • Medical Condition

The medical condition of the dog to be bred should be fine as it is a big thing for the Frenchie female. Be sure that you get genuine advises from your vet regarding the dog’s condition. The procedure of breeding should be accomplished under the supervision of a licensed vet. Complications may arise in the procedure and hence, help of a professional will always benefit.

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French bulldogs: Some unwanted behavior patterns

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016
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French bulldogs are the lovely creatures and excellent companions. The large eyes and clownish facial expressions will make you feel great and these dogs are more like the cartoonish characters. The dogs have won the hearts of thousands of people who are ever willing to keep this loving breed of dogs in their homes.

Before you make decision to bring a Frenchie home, you should know about the basic things about your dog. This dog breed has a lifespan of about 10-12 years and owns a joyful nature. The personality is challenging for the training purposes, but it is indeed your responsibility to train your dog.french-bulldogs-some-unwanted-behavior-patterns Don’t spoil your dog in any way as these dogs have tendency to get bad impacts of too much pampering.

Some unwanted behavior of Frenchies might include:

  • Bored Barking: Barking for hearing its own sound is termed as bored barking. Some dogs do this as they lack affection from their masters. There is no better place than their home to utilize their energy and when they are not getting enough affection or time from the owner, they will begin bored barking, which is really irritating.
  • Barking at guests: It is the worst behavioral aspect of any breed of dog to bark on the guests. It is disgusting for the guests to enter your house and they might not visit you again for the mess created by your dog.
  • Snapping at you: If the dog is over pampered, it will try to become your boss rather than following your way. It will be really discouraging for the owner to face such condition.
  • Jumping on others: It might be a cute signal for you, but in real, the dog begins dominating you and others when they feel like jumping over anyone and at any moment.
  • Snapping at you: When you move their dish or do any unwanted activity, if the dog snaps at you, it means that it is getting spoiled.

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Tips to choose French bulldog pups

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016
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French bulldogs are also termed as Frenchies and they have originated from the small bulldog breed of England. These dogs have glum facial expression and have comical face. These dogs are amicable and quite impressive. They are usually affectionate by nature and have a playful nature. They have active and alert mind and are quite intelligent to learn new things or trainings.

If you have made the decision to purchase French bulldogs, it will be essential to give them your exclusive time in the beginning for their training. These dogs are very affectionate and demand for a lot of love from their owners. They have love for walks, but can’t exercise or move too much due to their body structure. These dogs have broad face and small nose, which makes respiration really difficult for them after excessive workout or walk. Some males are sensitive and sweet natured. Majority of these dogs are comfortable with other family members and pets in the house, but exceptions are always there.


Bring home a French bulldog only after ensuring that you are going to keep positive outlook with them. The pet shouldn’t become a burden later on as it could be really frustrating for you. Remember, French bulldogs snuffle, snore, slobber and often snort, which might be a cause of trouble for you. If the house is too small, these sounds might be irritating at times. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you can manage to keep French bulldog at home as these dogs don’t require much exercising.

If your house has a backyard or swimming area, don’t keep Frenchie at home as these dogs are bad swimmers and prone to get heatstroke very soon. French bulldog training can be challenging as some of the dogs have stubborn nature and don’t understand instructions quite well. So, patience and persistence are the keys to keep best management of Frenchies.

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