Buying a French Bulldog

Posted by Robert Brown on July 27, 2019
French bulldogs

At the time of buying a French bulldog puppy, just check whether both parents have been veteran for any genetic health problems. The person who is dealing in French bulldogs for sale should confirm this thing to you. For worthy selling quality of French bull dogs make sure dealer is certified by dog breeding standards organizations.

Keep in mind that owning bulldog is like making a lifelong commitment. You should have well hand knowledge that give you all the ideas how to find French bulldog puppies for sale. Key points are responsible breeding and appropriate puppy care for sale. You just dig up to the dealers to find out how these pups have been taken care of. So that before making any decision you should be aware of their diet as well as bulldog puppy care information.

  • Diet of French Bulldogs

Fresh homemade food would be the best option for your puppies than the processed food you buy from your pet store. Try to buy the hypo allergic foods in case if you unable to cook food at home for your pet, but they are very expensive. If you prepare food at home yourself, you not only save money but also giving healthy food to your pet and making his life longer at the same time.

  • French bulldog breeder

Buying a puppy from a professional breeder is the best option. They never lay their puppies for sale through a pet shop. Professionals always follow well-documented process while breeding their pups and check if they can qualify for certification. Make sure the parents of their pups should also be certified. Breeders of French bull dogs are involved in animal activities like running the dog club, giving them necessary training till the time they sold out, so they have sound knowledge regarding the qualities an maintenance of the breed they sold.…French bulldog In French bulldog

French bulldog temperament

French bulldog temperament

French bulldogs are usually short in size, with solid and muscular bone structure. Their body is smoothly coated. French bulldogs have snubbed nose, their tails are short either straight or curled. They are lightweight in comparison with English bulldogs. Having full knowledge about French bulldog puppies for sale, will help you in long way. It helps in maintaining a worthy and admirable pet with long loving relationship

Although they carry sad expression, But French bulldogs are comical and entertaining.. They are commonly calm and very friendly in nature. But still they need frequent care and attention that makes them loving indoor pets. They require very small amount of physical exercise, so they are worthy pets for apartment owners. Furthermore French dog puppies are god therapy dogs, especially for the elders.

They feel comfortable in an apartment as they are on a farm, they prove livelier as you expect from their chunky look. These pets are very playful, and ball chasing is one of their favorite activities. Adult French dogs are more polished and can become competitive couch potatoes, but they also love to go for walks in cool weather.

Many Pups are friendly with everyone, while some of them are quite reserved. Frenchies will bark to pass the word visitors, but otherwise they are quite animals. Commonly they remain peaceful with other pets. They are quite stubborn in nature, so it will be difficult to train them. Still they are surprisingly sensitive. They will remember what they learn, respond well to proper and persistent training. Give them food as motivation for training. They are short faced breeds so snorting and snuffing and are common problems. If you have swimming pool, be more cautious, most of French bulldog pups cannot swim because of squat build and heavy face.

About French bulldog

French Bulldogs originated from England and they are descendants of English bulldogs. They have a background from English Bulldogs and were taken to France by the lace workers. These strange looking creatures with a big face, bat ears, and clownish expressions looked great and hence, people started keeping them as pets. These dogs weigh around 20-28 pounds and they have bright eyes with a mid-sized structure.

French bulldogs have bat ears and these dogs have constant smiles on their face. The legs are short and stout, short tails and they come in a variety of colors. These dogs don’t require much grooming and are maintenance free dogs. French bulldogs are friendly and great companion dogs. They have affectionate nature and love to receive attention from their masters. French bulldogs are tough to breed and hence, there are not many of them around. They can’t tolerate high temperature and extreme exercising. You will find these animals easy to train and they will use their intelligence in daily activities. French bulldogs are sensitive to heat and can’t be left alone in the car or any hot room.

French bulldogs of show quality and pet standards are different. Show dogs are pure in the breed and the color coat standards match the show requirements. However, pets might be a little different, but that difference is mainly seen by experts. You should always choose the appropriate breeder to purchase high-quality French bulldog. These lovely creatures are very interesting and getting them home will make your life happier. You can check out the details about French bulldogs and understand their needs to make the decision to get them home. Your decision will be highly useful as it is the matter of your choice and requirement. Frenchie can be your watchdog, but you can’t rely on them for it. They are fun loving indoor animals and should be brought in lively houses.…French bulldog In French bulldog

French bulldog health and temperament

Deborah Morgan – July 5, 2016

French bulldog health and temprament

English bulldogs are the ancestors of the French bulldogs, which were bred by the lace workers as a companion dog. French bulldogs are lighter in weight than the English versions and have similar characters of the English dogs.

The dogs have smooth and short coating and have muscular and compact body structure. They have different color coats: pure and combination and not all combinations are acceptable in shows. The kennel organizations and shows give the detailed description for the show dogs to avoid any hassles later on.

Health and Temperament of French Bulldogs

The health of French bulldog remains well if proper care is done to keep them active. They can get hemophilia, thyroid or respiratory troubles, but those are genetic or according to their body structure. Their flat face also develops Brachycephalic syndrome for some dogs. These dogs can reproduce mainly by c-section delivery as they can’t withstand exercising or labor pains. Stress and warm weather may ruin the health of these dogs and hence, the owners have to make sure that these dogs are kept indoors and are not exposed much to heat.

French bulldog health and temprament

The temperament of French bulldogs is very loving for human beings. They are great companions and attached to their owners. They also do well with kids and other pets in the house. French bulldog needs to be monitored when they play with children as they might get excited while playing and proper care is required to keep them in the right track.

Frenchies can get overweight very easily. They need just one walk a day as too much exertion might be problematic for them. Flat face is a big problem for these dogs and they can get easily tired due to their body structure. French bulldogs can’t swim and you have to keep this very important fact in mind.…French bulldog In French bulldog

French bulldogs in Warm Climates

Deborah Morgan – July 5, 2016

French bulldogs in Warm Climates

French bulldog has attained popularity among dog lovers and they are lovely creatures having positive characteristics. The dog is basically meant for indoors and has the genetic traits requiring special care in different climatic conditions.

Physical Characteristics

French bulldogs are popular due to their clownish appearance. They come with a warning as these creatures have short nose and flat shape of the face. Dogs with this type might have breathing issues and the common respiratory trouble is termed as Brachycephalic Syndrome.

French bulldogs in Warm Climates

French bulldogs have a few sweat glands and most of them are located on the feet area. French bulldogs require efforts in regulating the body temperature with short nose. The short nose prevents the breed from having adequate intake of air. Warm climates are difficult to manage by the dogs and results even in the death of the dog.

It is important for owners to be aware of the climatic requirements. French bulldogs should never be left outside for long periods of time. They are inside dogs and become ideal living companions. French bulldogs should be monitored in warm temperature.

Preventing Heat-Related Stress

French bulldog guidelines should be followed for taking care of the French bulldogs from becoming victims of overheating. Overheating might prove out to be fatal for some dogs. The dog should have appropriate shade and fresh water every time. It should be kept inside most of the time as outside temperature might rise and become risky for these dogs. The outside activity should be made null during high temperature periods. In the summer months, the dog should be allowed to go out only for a while. When the dog is outside, it is important to monitor them. French bulldog should be given rest if they are having labored breathing issues. Don’t leave the dog unattended in the car with the closed windows.

If the dog shows signals of overheating, you can rinse them with cool water and put wet towels on them. Heat exhaustion is dangerous for French bulldogs and requires your observation to get rid of further troubles.…French bulldog In French bulldog

French bulldog Profile

Deborah Morgan – July 5, 2016

French bulldog Profile

French bulldog is also called Frenchie. It is a small, muscular and compact dog. It has weight between 20-28 pounds. It has heavy bones and large bat ears. It has pleasant and open structure than the English bulldog. The lower jaw is undershot and the structure of face is broad with small nose. The lower jaw is undershot and tail is abbreviated naturally. The coat is tan, brindle, white and fawn.


French bulldog is the shorter version of the English bulldog. It was kept by the lace makers in England and taken to France. The dogs gained popularity in France and hence, they were termed as French bulldogs. These dogs have rose-shaped ears having inverted bat shape. They are in trend due to their cool temperament and amazing bonding with masters. These dogs spread joy in the house and have tolerant and loving nature with kids. French bulldog can protect the ones they love and its clown structure appeals everyone. Frenchie can entertain you and your family and are attached specially to one member in the family.

Health issues

French bulldogs have several health conditions and Willebrand’s Disease is a common ailment in these animals. Frenchie should be tested before any surgical operation or c-section for this disease. French bulldogs have flat face and small nose, which might create breathing issues and snoring troubles. These dogs are kept in appropriate temperature to avoid any respiratory attacks.


French bulldogs require weekly grooming and the coating keeps in good condition with regular cleaning. Facial wrinkles have to be wiped regularly for preventing infection. The nails have to be kept short for hygiene.

Living conditions

French bulldogs are indoor creatures and can’t withstand extreme heat or cold conditions. They need to be around the people close to them and remain happy with all the love and care.…French bulldog In French bulldog

French bulldog breeder: Know about good and bad ones

Deborah Morgan – July 5, 2016

French bulldog breeder

French bulldog got their name from English bulldog as they are descendents of the English version. Bulldog has always represented English culture, but dog breeders took initiative to reproduce this breed. French people loved the smaller version of bulldogs and they are exported from England to France in 19th century. French bulldog breeders became to breed these animals further and the results were amazing. People started loving these highly lovable and cute faced creatures. There are some things common with their ancestors, but they are distinctive in many senses.

People love the different varieties of American, English or French Bulldogs. They are high maintenance dogs and require a lot of love and care during initial phases of life. There are health, behavior and social variations of French bulldogs from their ancestors. There are three versions helping the potential buyers to meet the requirements of bulldog puppies.

Bulldog buyers should get full information about these dogs in detail prior to the purchase. The varieties have similar training, social and grooming requirements. They have wrinkles and specifically, French bulldogs have small nose; which makes them breathe with difficulty. These dogs develop respiratory and breathing issues and hence, can’t withstand high temperatures. Bulldogs might also suffer the heatstroke, if they are left in car or hot room. So, the owners have to be careful about this issue and keep these dogs in appropriate conditions.

Ears and wrinkles should be wiped and cleaned daily for getting rid of bacteria. French bulldogs can’t be taken for heavy exercising as they can get respiratory troubles. Bulldogs are prone to obesity and you can take them for daily walk for fitness. They require a lot of love and care to remain happy and healthy.

French bulldogs are social elements and they will follow owners. It is essential to show affection and interact with them with love. Bulldogs are aggressive in general and their behavior issues should be dealt in the right way from their initial stages. These dogs react well with motivation and positive reinforcement. The negative or cruel behavior will make them aggressive. Buyers can choose French bulldogs only if they are ready to train them during the initial phases.

You need to buy a healthy puppy from a reputed breeder. It is essential for buyers to check the reputation of breeder before purchasing the French bullies.

The bad dog breeder will give these signals:

  • Breeders offering ‘next day pets’
  • Breeders selling pups to stores
  • No medical background of dogs
  • Breeders having no kennels
  • Pups are nervous, under confident or aggressive
  • Breeders not ready to show pups before purchase
  • Too many pups available at a time
  • No references or certifications with breeders
  • No guarantee of health of pups
  • Breeders not asking you any queries
  • Breeders not answering the basic questions about French bulldogs
  • Breeders not having discipline or training issues

You need to be a smart purchaser and get the right dog for your house. The pure breed dogs will have all the appropriate qualities of the Frenchie.

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