Taking care of a Frenchie

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If you are planning to buy French bulldog as pet, you should know certain things that are essential to take care of these pets. Grooming of French bulldogs puppies is fairly easier, but you should keep in mind some important tips for leading best times with them.

When you move out to buy French bulldog, you imagine cuddly little animal with smooth coat. They go very well with kids. When you call them they will give very lovable gestures, this is the best part having them as pet.

For those people who are planning to buy French bulldog for first time, it is necessary to make sure that they have sufficient provisions available for their new French bulldog puppy. Its meals, collar, bowl, toys for teething times etc should be carefully undertaken. Sometimes, veterinarian may recommend for arranging a leash for these pets. All these things must secure in home before taking them in. One more important thing stock up old newspaper at your home so that you can keep your space clean as chances of French bulldog making mess are very high.

When you confirm your pet for you, on the day when you bringing him home, it will be great ideas to make everybody ready to welcome this new pet, so that he can feel as family member. Be ready with all arrangements, all things should be on their place. You can enjoy French bulldog puppy gimmicks and his growing up even more if handles with care and love. They love to snuggle up with you and not ready to go alone in the bed. Sometimes they will whimper and make pitiable sounds to get your attention. New born French bulldog are sometimes afraid of going to their new home, special care and attention needed to maintain them.… Categories French Bulldog•Tags French Bulldog

French Bulldog- Basic information

French Bulldog- Basic information

Published on July 5, 2016

The French bulldog also known as ‘Frenchie’ is a compact breeds with sweet and playful temperament. They are famous for their adaptable and well-behaved nature. They get friendly with visitors, which along with their small size usually make them ineligible as a guard dog. Their love for attention makes them good choice for anyone with plenty of time to care for a loving pet dog. The French bull dogs are very intelligent. Grooming the French bulldog is very easy job. They need brushing every week and regular cleaning around the face.

The French bulldog always stays happy around their family. They are indoor dogs; they can be suitable for apartment life provided they are taken for daily walks. French bull dog may be sensitive for both hot and cold weather; you have to provide them air conditioning in summer and extra clothes in winters to keep them warm. French bulldogs may not be able to swim properly, so they need extra care if you have a pool at home or you have to be careful while taking them for walks along lakes or beaches.

The French bulldog may be the perfect breed of dog for a family with older children, retire persons, or someone with extra time to care for a companion dog. They are suitable for anyone, who is keen to give fewer efforts in grooming, but ready to give sufficient time for early socialization and suitable training. French bulldogs require moderate walks every day, but they need more companionship and attention. These dogs might not eligible as a guard dog, but they are great with your kids & even more enthusiastic with smaller children. If you can meet their demands of healthcare, comfortable living environment, companionship and attention, this breed could be perfect option for you

French bulldogs are best home pets

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French bulldogs are an excellent choice in the category of home pets. They are intelligent, funny and adorable creatures. French bulldogs are the best for even small houses or apartments where there is not much space. Their adaptability in farm houses is also good. The thing you have to be careful about is to ensure that they should be in a well air conditioned area because they have very low heat tolerance power.

The person who does not have time for the dog should not think about bringing them home. French bulldogs are best for the people who can train them well. 10 minutes walk is enough for them. These bulldogs will let you know if you have a strange noise around the house. They get well along with the people around them. They are very lovable and affectionate. If they are ignored, they may develop unwanted and aggressive behavioral traits. They love attention from their masters and are affectionate towards children also. If kids are rough with the dogs, they may react unpredictably. Hence, you need to train them well before keeping them with kids.

French bulldogs are best home pets

These dogs do not need lot of grooming. Their short coats need brushing just once in a while. If they start shedding, they may need to be brushed more often; but it takes very less time. They spend most of the time in the house only, so they do not get much dirty. These dogs are best for indoor activities. Frenchies are intelligent and trained well for good temperament. Some behavior problems may develop in these dogs with time, but they are not tough to deal with. French bulldogs are best household pets, if paired with the appropriate owners. You can spend good time with them and give them all the love and care to make them the best pets.…

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Quick facts, information and grooming of French bull dogs

French bulldogs require minimal exercises and they should not weigh more than 28 pounds for making them easily portable. French bull dogs can be stubborn while on training, so be patient and consistent with them. French bulldog commonly snore and they are popular for making other odd noises. They are not good swimmers and should be taken care of when they are near to swimming pools, lakes and beaches. The French bulldog will make you laugh with their lovely gestures. These pets are charming, clever with good sense of humor. They are perfect house pets, feel comfortable in apartment. They usually don’t bark on other small dogs.

Don’t choose a breeder who does not provide health guarantee on puppies. These pups may have potential to develop genetic health problems. A reputable breeder will only guide you about health problems in the breed and the incidences which may occur in their lives.

Quick facts, information and grooming of French bull dogs

The French bulldogs have short, fine, smooth coat around their body which is easy to groom. You can brush them weekly with soft bristle brush; bathe them monthly or as and when required in order to keep their coat clean. This breed doesn’t shed much, but they lost their undercoat twice a year. Spring and fall shedding seasons for them, so use a stripping comb and groom them carefully during this season.

The other grooming needed are ear cleaning, tooth brushing, nail trimming. These dogs require care for their wrinkles and they need to be cleaned with wipes to avoid any skin issue. Dry them thoroughly after cleaning because if any moisture is left behind, chances of bacterial growth may increase. The rest is basic care deep skin folds need to be cleaned every day. They never get so long that you can hear them bang on the floor.…

Essential nutrients for French bull dogs

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If your Frenchie is putting up pounds even eating recommended food, consult your vet as soon as possible as obesity is the most critical medical problem for French bulldogs. Food of French bull dog should contain whole grain instead of bulk fillers. Nutritious food helps in weight control and digestive health of your pet. Essential nutrients for French bull dogs are:

Essential nutrients for French bull dogs

Water Give your pet clean water to drink several times a day. Your French bull dog can manage his own intake, if you find any changes in drinking habits of your dog; consult your vet as this could lead to heath problems.

Fish You can give your dog fish in place of meat if he is allergic to meat; fish is good source of omega 3. You can also use canned cooked fish for your Frenchie

Grains: grains like wheat can be allergic to French bulldogs, it can cause itchy skin. In that case you can use oats and barley in place of wheat.

Pumpkin: is good for French bulldog health especially in case of constipation and diarrhea as it is loaded with fiber, but don’t give large amount of pumpkin to your French bull dog, maintain a right balance. Couple of teaspoons in a day can keep them fit.

Apples; can make them energetic as it contains vitamin A. Apple work as antioxidant for French bull dogs. Try to make them eat apples, as it can do wonders for French bulldogs.

Treats: treat your French bulldog pup every time while on training. Treats can give much joy to your pet. But be careful even a healthy snack contain calories, just be sure of calorie count when you giving them a snack in a treat. While choosing on snack, just keep in mind your Frenchie’s nutritional needs and dietary plans. You can give them healthy homemade meals as treats.

There is no specific answer how much you should feed your Frenchie as their food needs vary with their size, age and activity level. Your French bull dog pup should be energetic, keep him fit by giving right amount of food. Overweight French bull dogs can suffer from same diseases like humans do. Morning and evening meals are recommended for adult dogs.

Set up correct diet plan for your Frenchie
  • Eggs are very good source of nutrition for your French bulldog as they are rich in omega three fatty acids. Eggs contain required vitamins in natural form for French bulldogs. Your dog can utilize 100 % nutrition of every egg unlike processed food.
  • Cod-liver oils is also very good for your frenchies heart, bones as well as nourishing their teeth, skin, coat and ears as it has high levels of vitamin A and vitamin D. It makes your pets coat shiny and healthy.
  • Never feed your dog with chicken bones. Even most of bones can cause harm to your French bull dog pup. Poultry bones are particularly dangerous for your pets. Don’t feed them improperly cooked beef and pork bones.
  • If you have time to make dogs food at your own, is the best way to tailor your French bull dog’s food. You can monitor ingredients like fillers, preservatives and other additives, and you can made food as per your pet’s likes and dislikes. It is an easy and economical way of feeding your dog. Recipes are easily available on intenet; just make sure to take care of their specific nutritional needs.
  • Don’t give your French bull dog walnuts or macadamia nusts as they can be harmful for your pet. You can feed them with cashews and peanuts. But generally nuts are high in calories and can lead to bladder stone. Try to avoid nuts in your dog’s diet.

The French bull dog puppy is small breed, playful in nature and loves to be around human contact and his interactions. French bull dogs are also known as Frenchie. These dogs not have specific dietary needs being low activity pets. Because of some physical features they are sensitive to certain medical conditions. Proper diet and nutrition can make your French bulldog happy and healthy like any other dog. A shallow dish will be perfect for serving food to french bull dog as they have short and broad muzzles. It is very difficult for them to eat or drink from a regular bowl.

Feeding Frenchies

There are no particular guidelines for feeding them as such. Dogs need meat to stay healthy so you should add meat to their daily diet. If you compare other types of dogs feed with fresh or frozen meat are costlier and inconvenient. You can also feed them with high quality dry food as a alternative to balanced meet based diet. Make sure you feed you Frenchies as per his needs and preferences this method is most appropriate.

Options for food

All types of dog food are available in the market with different levels of quality, if you choose high quality food, and your Frenchie will need to eat less. High quality food contains less filler material and more proteins and nutrients. There are many other options for feeding your pet like commercial dry food, canned food and homemade meals. Combinations of ingredients are there in dry food like meat, grains, vitamins, mineral and fat. Dry food is preferred by many French bull dog owners as it is less costly and easily digestible.

How to feed your French bulldog pup

Canned food is other option you can give to your pet, but this type of food is more costly. Raw food diet includes beef and chicken. You can also add small portions of vegetables and fruits in raw food diet. Be more cautions before feeding your dog with raw meat make sure to check with your veterinarian.

Important feeding Information

How many calories your French bull dog pup needed o\n daily basis, It depends on his size, age, activity level and metabolism. For giving those calories amount of food has to be decided, again it depends on what type of quality food you are giving to your pet. You can consult your veterinarian about the best food for your dog and to determine how much quantity of particular food should be given to French bulldog, you can read the label on food packet. If you are thinking of raw meat or homemade meals for your French bull dog pup, consult your vet first as these diets are more difficult to balance.

Safety Measures

To some franchise wheat products may cause digestive like flatulence. French bull dog can develop skin irritation and rashes if you feed them with food which contains corn products and fillers with high amount of protein. You should know about your pet food allergies for which you can always consult your vet.

You can judge a French Bulldogs health from his coat. A dog with beautiful shiny coat is usually healthy and happy. So taking care of your dog’s health is taking care of his coat or other way around. Feed your dog properly to have glowing and shiny coat. You must eliminate all leeches from his skin or any other insect that may affect his health. Spend enough time for appropriate grooming.

Consult your veterinarian; he can guide you poor nutrition is main reason of your dogs’ dull coats. Your furry little friends require proper healthy diet with balanced meats and little amount of processed foods that contains grains and wheat. Sometimes preservatives can cause allergies so be careful.

Maintain a good health of your Frenchie

If you are sure that you giving him all healthy diet that he requires, but he still has some health problems, it is right time to take him to a vet for health checkup. There are many conditions like infections, fleas, hormonal issues; even there can be certain diseases which may affect dog’s internal organs. There are many kinds of parasites, like tapeworms, hookworms or roundworms can drain your pet nutrients that are essential for his ideal health. Focus more on your Frenchie nutrition here are some tips:

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids can do wonders for your pet’s health. Salmon, tuna and sardines are great source of omega fatty acids, so try to add very small amount of them to your dog’s food, it will certainly help in your dog’s health. They are very good in taste, dogs eat them with pleasure. Protein in diet of French bull dog is necessary, otherwise his coat and nails will suffer. Chicken, salmon, turkey and lamb should be given to your dog as these ingredients are good source of protein for the dogs.

You cannot simply go to a super market and buy any type of food and feed it to your French bulldog. Choose best food for your French bulldog with appropriate combination of protein, carbohydrates that has made from sources like sweet potatoes, complex plant and omega rich facts. Feed them with food that contains natural and simple ingredients with no harmful fillers or peculiar preservatives. The primary French bulldog diet must contain food with 30 % protein, 30  percent fat for fur, brain and for energy level 20 % carbohydrates.. for further details, visit :

You cannot give your French bull dog cheap super market food that contains grain, soy, and corn. These ingredient are bad for French bull dogs. Your Frenchie can suffer from lots of allergies and health problems, so don’t feed them with such food, they are not good for this particular breed. Only buy good quality food for your dog from super markets. This high quality food will help your French bull dog get the proper nutrients and calories needed for their optimal weight that results in increasing their happy life, and keep them chubby and sweet.

Be responsible diet giver to your French bulldog

French bull dogs have sensitive tummies and their health largely depend on food, they are regularly eating. Feed them with specially made food for French bull dogs. The quantity of food for your pet depends on how active your pet is, his age, allergies, metabolism and many more. Make sure you should check out all these characteristics.

While making a plan for your Frenchie diets you should consider few things like you give them canned food or dry food. If canned food consists of higher quality bust also have some preservatives and fillers, whereas dry foods have nutritionally balanced diet but they are wet. Dry foods usually contain more meat which satisfies your pets urge to chew.

Adopting – Training – Showing Your French Bulldog

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Adopting – Training – Showing Your French Bulldog

Adopting your French Bulldog Puppy

Our Commitment

We have been breeding for 30 years and have spent a lot of time and considerable effort to become a reputable French Bulldog Breeder. A good Breeder will have a nice facility. We raise our French Bulldogs in our home, under our feet and under our bedcovers – they are members of our family until they become a member of your family. We want to maintain a lifelong relationship with the puppy you adopt. We will always be available where the welfare of your puppy is concerned. And we would love to continually hear from you – pictures are always treasured.

We take extra care to ensure the French Bulldog puppy’s good health. And we also take extra care to ensure that the puppy is placed into a loving, caring home. We discourage the use of tobacco products in the prospective home.

If you don’t mind, please take the time to sign our guestbook and leave your comments.


Training your Puppy

Soft Temperament

French Bulldog puppies are intelligent little dogs. They can give you a look of innocent love and adoration that tempts you to abandon any thoughts of discipline. Veteran dog owners are amazed by the “power” that these little Frenchies possess. They can be tough looking on the outside but oh so soft and lovable. They are smart but sometimes stubborn when it suits them. They can take forever to shuffle off to the water bowl when they feel lazy. But French Bulldogs are more athletic than they might appear to be so you cannot let them over-exercise.


Start Training Early

When French Bulldog puppies become part of your family, you need to be able to trust them with everything in your home, especially your children. Managing your puppy’s behavior through proper training is crucial to having a peaceful relationship with your pet as they mature into a wonderful companion. If your French Bulldog puppy is not trained properly, they won’t know that chewing on the old tennis shoe that you gave them is acceptable, while chewing on your prized possessions is not. They must be taught appropriate behavior in a calm and gentle manner. You must start training your puppy about how to behave as soon as you bring it home. From the outset, they must learn how to behave around people and other animals.


The Pack Mentality

In the wild, canines live and hunt in packs. In your French Bulldog puppy’s eyes, all the members of your family are fellow pack members. This is important because in every pack there are hierarchical power relationships between members. If your puppy has no dominant or “alpha” leader in their human “pack” they might learn that they can jump up on the couch whenever they want, drag you down the street on the leash and get treats whenever they beg for them. They might eventually decide they are running the show.

Puppies that are not properly trained might start to test their boundaries and limitations as they mature – just like most teenagers. They could start ignoring your commands or begin jumping when and where they are not supposed to. They have an instinct to protect their food or “territory” with growls and snarls – this has to be overcome. In some extreme cases, they may even start to bite.


Physical Force?

It is essential that you establish your position as the pack leader from the beginning in order to have a peaceful relationship with your French Bulldog. Do not resort to physical force! Some trainers recommend that owners establish their dominance through physical force but this is not necessary with a French Bulldog. Use of force can leave them feeling threatened, frightened and defensive. Don’t raise your voice – shouting makes these dogs nervous. French Bulldogs have “soft” personalities – they don’t like confrontation or violent use of force. A calm, purposeful demeanor is the best way to get your puppy to respond in a positive manner.


French Bulldog are Bulldogs

And like all Bulldogs, sometimes they can be frustrating to train. You have to be persistent but not overbearing when they are being housebroken. Eventually they will learn what is acceptable but not if you are harsh. They usually won’t bother with “stupid pet tricks’ but not because they aren’t capable. Just the opposite – for example, some French Bulldog will love to play with the ball and others could care less. They will choose what they like to do. But there has never been a Frenchie who doesn’t want to sit on your lap or cuddle in bed.


Gain Respect

French Bulldog puppies are content to submit to a pack leader. They will gain confidence and a sense of security from having someone to respect and follow. It is important for you, as a good pack leader, to project a sense of strength by reacting calmly to situations that make a puppy nervous. It’s also a good idea to give rewards for good behavior. If you ask your puppy to take a submissive position at your command, it will reinforce your position of dominance.


Early Bonding

It is important to properly socialize French Bulldogs from the outset. Puppies, like all babies, absorb all kinds of information about their environment. They will quickly learn the best places to laze about in the sun. They will learn from the rattling of the food dish means that it is meal time. It is your job as the owner to show them how to bond with people and with other animals. They still have deeply rooted instincts in their psyche. For example, squirrels and other rodents will drive them into a frenzy. When your puppy is calmly and routinely introduced to strangers and other animals, it will become less likely that your puppy will act defensively and become fearful. Defensive behaviour can be misinterpreted as aggression in dogs.


Gentle Leadership

The new French Bulldog puppy should start to be socialized around three to four weeks of age which is usually before most people bring their new puppy home. Responsible French Bulldog breeders make sure that their puppies are introduced into the pack from a young age, albeit under the watchful gaze of their mother until they are weaned. It is important that the puppy bonds with you and your family at the outset. The best way to reinforce the bond is to groom regularly, exercise often, and talk frequently to your puppy. Give your puppy lots of love. Show that you can be depended upon for affection, food, and gentle leadership.


Hello World

Your little French Bulldog puppy can be introduced to the big wide world when they feel safe with you and have had all the prescribed shots. Good places to start with are the local park, a friend’s house, or dog-friendly stores. You must ensure that the puppy has plenty of chances to meet kind and caring people and has opportunities to play with other well-socialized dogs. Trips to the veterinarian should be fun. Puppies should be introduced to other children in a well-supervised environment. Show those children how to speak calmly while gently petting the puppy.


Scary Situations

If your French Bulldog puppy starts to act nervous in a new situation or begins to bristle at another dog, don’t discipline! As mentioned, raising your voice will only heighten the tension. But don’t comfort the puppy either! If you comfort the puppy when they are scared or aggressive, it will only reinforce negative behavior. Try to provide a distraction – throw a ball or a chew toy, or start playing a favorite game. As your puppy becomes involved in the game or distraction, it will start ignoring the people or the other dog. As the puppy matures, there will be fewer and fewer scary situations.


We breed happy, healthy French Bulldog puppies for companions or the Show Ring.

We started breeding French Bulldogs in 2003 with “Gracie” – she soon showed us why French Bulldogs are such a unique breed. She had numerous encounters with “Spence” our male Siamese cat who would whack her on the head before she could even move. But that would not deter Gracie and they went on to become great friends.

Gracie loved navigating the deep snowbanks in the Winter and spending hours sunning herself on the dock. When the marauding deer trespassed on “her property” she became our guardian against the barbarians at the gate. She also showed us how intelligent a little Frenchie can be. They don’t do “stupid pet tricks” on command but they have a level of intuition that is nothing short of amazing.

Gracie needed a friend so we got Bruno. He is happiest, most easy going male Frenchie ever. They went on to become the greatest of friends. Bruno conducts an ongoing war with the squirrels. He has succeeded in proving that he is the world’s worst squirrel hunter but he is never daunted.

Gracie gave us three daughters: Connie, Georgia and Claire who went on to become a CKC Canadian Champion. All these Frenchies brought their unique personalities and stole our hearts. Whenever trouble is brewing you can be sure that Connie is in the middle of it but she is the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Claire has exceptional agility and will play forever until you are tired. She taught all the other Frenchies how to fetch the ball.

Nealy came later and showed us how well a Frenchie can read our thoughts and console us when we feel down. No other breed can read us so well. Nealy is the Queen of “keep away” – nobody can get the ball from Nealy.

These were our early years with the Frenchies. It is small wonder why we say that “10 minutes with a Frenchie will steal your heart.” They are unlike any other breed.