What do you know about French bulldogs?

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016

French bulldogs are compact, stout and sturdy dogs with a square shaped head. They have a broad muzzle and flat nose with round shaped eyes and a clownish smile on their face. The ears are bat shaped and erect, which makes them ready and active to learn new things. French bulldogs are perfect for petting and would love doing tricky things.what-do-you-know-about-french-bulldogs They are not too big or small to handle. If you are willing to adopt Frenchies, you need to know the basic information about them. It is always good to get the whole information before bringing the new pet home. These creatures are not too big to handle but they require exclusive care because they are not too hard like other variations of bulldogs.

You need to know about these integral things mentioned about French bulldogs, which will make you know that they are best for you or not.

  • French bulldogs are not too difficult to care for. These are best companions and playful creatures having a lot of affection for their masters. If you want to get an active and joyous companion in your house, then this breed is the best for you. They will keep you engaged and never let you get any lonely feeling.
  • Frenchies have clownish appearance and people love them for their happy facial structure. They have joyful nature and intelligent minds. Most owners of French bulldogs will love to have them around as they give a happy feel to their family members. This breed is highly entertaining and love to have people around them.
  • French bulldogs are attention seekers and can get aggressive with ignorance. If you need to own this breed of dog, make sure that you give at least a few hours daily to the pet. They love to play around and have fun with the family members. It is the best pet for the people living alone as you can cuddle them in your bed. Make sure that the dogs are clean enough and can play with you with ease. French bulldogs are very affectionate and you’ll love their adoring nature.
  • These dogs can easily sense if their owners are being passive. If you are dull, bored or down, these dogs can distract you from your sadness. Don’t be annoyed when they come to you as it is the way of showing love and affection by these small creatures. You might want to spend time with them and get rid of all the stresses borne by jobs or personal life. They might behave rude if you are not cuddling them or taking care of their attitude.
  • French bulldogs are not too messy. They don’t get into puddles, mud and dirty places. If you are taking them out of the house or at backyard, they won’t get too much dirty. They seek for dry places to play. This is the reason for them to stay inside the house and enjoy by being in the company of house owners.
  • These dogs are very much prone to joint and eye related troubles. You should immediately bring them to the vet in case of any such issues. They can recommend medications to cure the dog from such issues. French bulldogs are sensitive and can get sick if proper care is not taken for their health. They also get respiratory issues and many other health problems, which need serious consideration.
  • Snoring is very common for French bulldogs and if you have an issue with this problem, it would be better to skip bringing them home. The dogs have small noses and broad face due to which they have the habit of snoring.
  • Dogs like Frenchies are perfect for small houses and apartments. You need to keep clean environment and neat homes for keeping these dogs. They don’t like messy surroundings and it would be necessary to keep your home tidy to keep these dogs active.
  • Bathing these dogs once in a week is sufficient. You can groom them and keep them in a good condition for their better health.
  • French bulldogs can’t bear too much heat. They should be kept inside the home in appropriate temperature conditions. Too much temperature will lead to health problems for them and even affect their mental state. These dogs are very sensitive and adopting one would keep you engaged with training and taking care of them.

French bulldogs are very lovable creatures and there are many places on which these dogs are available for adoption. You need to know more about these pets before making the choice for adoption. The nearest pet store can give you an idea about the things you need to know about these pets. French bulldogs are cute creatures and require all your love to keep activeness in mind and body.

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