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Tips to choose French bulldog pups

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016
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French bulldogs are also termed as Frenchies and they have originated from the small bulldog breed of England. These dogs have glum facial expression and have comical face. These dogs are amicable and quite impressive. They are usually affectionate by nature and have a playful nature. They have active and alert mind and are quite intelligent to learn new things or trainings.

If you have made the decision to purchase French bulldogs, it will be essential to give them your exclusive time in the beginning for their training. These dogs are very affectionate and demand for a lot of love from their owners. They have love for walks, but can’t exercise or move too much due to their body structure. These dogs have broad face and small nose, which makes respiration really difficult for them after excessive workout or walk. Some males are sensitive and sweet natured. Majority of these dogs are comfortable with other family members and pets in the house, but exceptions are always there.


Bring home a French bulldog only after ensuring that you are going to keep positive outlook with them. The pet shouldn’t become a burden later on as it could be really frustrating for you. Remember, French bulldogs snuffle, snore, slobber and often snort, which might be a cause of trouble for you. If the house is too small, these sounds might be irritating at times. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you can manage to keep French bulldog at home as these dogs don’t require much exercising.

If your house has a backyard or swimming area, don’t keep Frenchie at home as these dogs are bad swimmers and prone to get heatstroke very soon. French bulldog training can be challenging as some of the dogs have stubborn nature and don’t understand instructions quite well. So, patience and persistence are the keys to keep best management of Frenchies.

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