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French bulldogs: Some unwanted behavior patterns

Posted by Robert Brown on September 24, 2016
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French bulldogs are the lovely creatures and excellent companions. The large eyes and clownish facial expressions will make you feel great and these dogs are more like the cartoonish characters. The dogs have won the hearts of thousands of people who are ever willing to keep this loving breed of dogs in their homes.

Before you make decision to bring a Frenchie home, you should know about the basic things about your dog. This dog breed has a lifespan of about 10-12 years and owns a joyful nature. The personality is challenging for the training purposes, but it is indeed your responsibility to train your dog.french-bulldogs-some-unwanted-behavior-patterns Don’t spoil your dog in any way as these dogs have tendency to get bad impacts of too much pampering.

Some unwanted behavior of Frenchies might include:

  • Bored Barking: Barking for hearing its own sound is termed as bored barking. Some dogs do this as they lack affection from their masters. There is no better place than their home to utilize their energy and when they are not getting enough affection or time from the owner, they will begin bored barking, which is really irritating.
  • Barking at guests: It is the worst behavioral aspect of any breed of dog to bark on the guests. It is disgusting for the guests to enter your house and they might not visit you again for the mess created by your dog.
  • Snapping at you: If the dog is over pampered, it will try to become your boss rather than following your way. It will be really discouraging for the owner to face such condition.
  • Jumping on others: It might be a cute signal for you, but in real, the dog begins dominating you and others when they feel like jumping over anyone and at any moment.
  • Snapping at you: When you move their dish or do any unwanted activity, if the dog snaps at you, it means that it is getting spoiled.

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