Training french bulldogs to be good pets

Posted by Robert Brown on July 27, 2019
French bulldogs

Social training for French bulldogs

It is an awkward feeling for the dog owner if their pet demonstrates odd tendencies, which come out in front of other individuals or dogs. You have to teach social etiquettes to your dog to behave well with others and of course, majorly you. French bulldog owners are easy to train and the dogs having socially better status than the other dogs. They require time and efforts from the beginning to get the best training. These animals get trained very soon with the consistent attempts in the early stages of life.

There are a few guidelines to follow for socially train your French bulldogs for sale. Try to begin the training in your own home. Your dog should follow your instructions on every step and completing the tasks given by you at home only. The new pup will be shy and hence, you should introduce it to the other members of the family one by one. Don’t make him jump at everyone as such dogs might get aggressive.

Social training for French bulldogs

You should not rush for making the dog learn the things. Your pet will eventually learn meeting new people and socializing with others only if you make them do so. You should take the pet to several places, like parks or open areas to make them aware of the outside world. Don’t make your dog an inside buddy. It should know how to behave with others outside the home. Bring the French bulldog out for a walk and spend happy times with them and eventually, train them for positive behavior. Take your pet to the populated places and check out their reaction.

Make sure that the French bulldogs are carefully and patiently handled to make them good natured. Your puppy will socialize in the best way, if you give your time and efforts to it. Know about French bulldogs before purchasing them and handle these lovely creatures accordingly.


Social Training of French Bulldogs

It is a shameful condition for the dog owner, if the pet demonstrates some undesirable or unwanted tendencies or behavior in front of other people or dogs. It becomes awkward for the dog owners if the pet shows some odd activity and chases other dogs or behaves badly with people.

Having a dog is similar to getting a kid in your life. You will have to give your time and energy to the dog to make them aware of the social etiquettes and make them understand about the right time to become aggressive. French bulldog owners don’t face too much of bad situations because these dogs have a cool temperament and learn things very quickly. These are social creatures in comparison to other variety of dogs.

You need to make sure about learning a few things to achieve your goal to train French bulldogs. Charity begins at home and so is the case with giving time and energy to your pet in initial phases. You can get the instructions step by step and make them aware of their position, bedding, food area and of course, potty area.

Social Training of French Bulldogs

Approach him to all the family members one by one and try this without showing hurry. These animals don’t get aggressive, but you never know how the baby Frenchie reacts. Don’t rush out in teaching them everything very soon. Your pet should be able to visit several places in the house and react according to their own will.

Socialize your dog and take it to several places. Begin from a less populated place and go on as your dog responds.  Make sure that the dog is well protected with the necessary vaccination shots. Strengthen their good behavior by encouraging them and using positive words with them. Socialization is a part of every living being and necessary for the all the dogs to behave well.…

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Choose the right French bulldog pups

French bulldogs are nicknamed as Frenchies and they are originated from the English Bulldogs. These dogs were loved by the French people after the English workers took them to French soil in 1860s. These miniature bulldogs were loved for their temperament, appearance and companionship with human beings. These dogs even go well with kids or other pets at home. to learn more , click here.


French bulldogs are lively and amicable. They are well behaved and less aggressive. You can even accommodate these dogs in a small apartment or house. They are affectionate by nature and playful with all the family members. They love going to the walks, but take them only if the weather is cool and for shorter periods. Majority of Frenchies are cool and calm in nature, but some of them may be obstinate. Training your dog in the right way will put them in right direction.

Choose the right French bulldog pups


French bulldog puppies are lovable and you need to give them sufficient time in the beginning for making them closely attached to you. Don’t make them a burden for you and read a lot about them before bringing them home. You can also ask the breeder or vet expert about them.

  • French bulldogs snort, snore and slobber and you shouldn’t bring them if you have issues with these things.
  • The dogs have low bark noise and if you are bringing them as watchdogs, think twice. The might not be a great choice when it comes to seeking security from them.
  • This breed is the best for you if you lead a busy lifestyle and need a pet which doesn’t require too much of outing or exercising.
  • You should avoid them if you have a swimming area at home as these dogs are bad swimmers due to their body shape. Frenchies can’t swim at all.

Michael White / July 7, 2016 / French Bulldogs

Pros and Cons of temperament of French bulldog

Pros and Cons of temperament of French bulldog

French bulldogs are adopted by many celebrities these days and the reason is quite obvious. These dogs are highly compatible with human beings and can associate with them in the best way. They have the similar character as that of English bulldogs, but are different in temperament and have less aggressive looks. In fact, French bulldogs have clownish appearance and go well in the most appropriate way from the English or American version. They are easy to train, handle and ideal companions.

The average size of a French bulldog is 16 inches and they weigh maximum 28 pounds, which is much lesser than the English bulldogs. We’ve given some of the pros and cons about the temperament of French bulldogs and this data is clubbed by the owners of these animals. Remember, the temperament and nature of every dog is different and your experience with the Frenchie might be different. This list illustrates the clubbed review of most of the people.


French bulldogs are generally very intelligent and respond to training very quickly. They don’t have a loud bark, which is positive for many owners (especially for people having small apartments). They can behave like excellent watchdogs with proper training. Frenchies will bark only if they see any susceptive element in the house or if you are not able to catch their expressions.

French bulldogs have a good temper in comparison to their ascendants. They are amazing pets and require a lot of love. They give back the affection in form of their lovely gestures. You will love them for their amazing nature.


Some French bulldogs can become stubborn occasionally. They might suffer from gastric troubles and snore very often. Some of them have drooling tendency. They have a difficulty in breathing and are bad swimmers. So, you can’t have them with swimming pool in the house. These dogs get respiratory troubles and heat strokes due to small nose and flat face.

You can make the decision about owning this dog, if you are aware of the pros and cons of keeping them.

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